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Video Surveillance & CCTV


We believe your security system should be easy to use, cost effective and improve the overall operations of your business.

Due to recent improvements in video technology and installation, video surveillance has become more efficient in crime prevention. Installing a CCTV system represents a significant step toward protecting your company personnel and assets.

Employee productivity has also been proven to increase in the presence of security cameras, while theft and “inventory shrinkage” are significantly less present.

We will work with you to determine your company’s surveillance needs to ensure your business is safe, secure and operating to its fullest capability.

We provide a full range of advanced surveillance technology, including:

  • QCS Cloud Video Services

  • HD and Megapixel Cameras

  • Thermal Cameras

  • Night Vision Cameras

  • Long Range Cameras

  • Motion Detection Cameras

  • Remote Video Monitoring

  • Mobile Video Monitoring

  • Access Control System Integration

Alarm Systems 

At Matrix Security Solutions Pty Ltd, we understand the clients have differing needs. Whether it is an ‘out of the box’ solution or custom designed solution each system will be high quality, durable and transferable.

Our security systems cater for commercial, industrial and residential options.

The central control panel uses code pads and remotes as well as apps for smart phones and/or tablets for system control. They incorporate perimeter and space protection and include external and internal motion detectors with our without built in cameras, door and window contacts, and inertia and glass break sensors. We use both hard wired and wireless technology.

The integration with CCTV technology provides false alarm verification, staff welfare checks, and illegal or unsupervised after hour entry. Remote management of the alarm system offers convenience and flexibility.


Recommended options:


  • Back to base monitoring over network, GPRS and telephone line

  • Touch screen code pads

  • Reliable wireless technology

  • Full reporting available

  • Remote operation

Accsess Control Systems 

Access control systems have become an important aspect of managing and monitoring activity of people and assets, both in a commercial and residential environment.

Matrix Security Solutions Pty Ltd provides custom solutions to the above sectors including but not limited to proximity, biometric, remote and keypad technology.

In addition to the design, integration and installation of these systems, Matrix Security Solutions Pty Ltd will maintain an ongoing relationship with the client, offering regular maintenance and dedicated after sales service to ensure all future client needs are met.  

Recommended options:


  •  Back to base monitoring over network, GPRS and telephone line

  • Remote programming  

  • Reliable wireless technology

  • Full reporting available

  • Remote operation

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